Tracer Wrap     
THE TRACER WRAP ADVANTAGE                                                  
-“TRACER WRAP” is a single application insulation system which
 applies easily and quickly while providing a weather resistant  finish.
-Simply wrap and fasten using Hook & Loop fastener or where
 temperature dictates a wire or similar type fastener.
-Being self contained the only tools needed to apply TRACER WRAP
 are a pair of scissors.
-Requires no mastics, clean up is as simple as picking up the       
 waste clippings.
-TRACER WRAP remains flexible under any weather condition which     
 means it can be applied under any acceptable working conditions.
-Contains no asbestos.
-The weather resistant Silicone jacketing will not crack, peal or
 break thus providing great life expectancy.
-The insulations low leachable chloride and fluoride content will
 not initiate or accelerate stress corrosion on stainless steel.
-TRACER WRAP provides 1/4 OR 1/2 inch thick insulation for any
 diameter tubing or pipe in a single application.
-The simplicity of the system provides for greater field productivity.


-Tracer line expansion loops.
-Reinstallation of pre-insulated tubing which has been cutback for
 fittings etc.
-Personal protection.
-Instrumentation lines.
-Electrical lines in close proximity to high temperature systems.
-Alternative to pre-insulated tubing.
-Spiral wrap small valves, piping, instrumentation etc. as
 permanent or temporary insulation.


-TRACER WRAP is manufactured in any width or length with 1/4 inch   
  or 1/2 inch thick insulation.


JACKETING:  12 oz./sq.yd. Silicone coated fibreglass fabric.

INSULATION: 1/2" or 1/4" type “E” BGF needled fibreglass mat.

THREAD:     Teflon coated multi strand fibreglass.
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